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Wednesday Update: Nathan Lewis says gold-based money is simple, yet many experts are confused

Politics and Government

At, Ralph Benko, pointing out that the Religious Right and Queer Theorists are united by their opposition to same sex marriage, writes that GOP candidates are whiffing when they fail to tie conservative social values as the proven best recipe for the pursuit of happiness.

The NY Sun writes Jeff Bell is running against Janet Yellen in the Senate race to watch.

From Business Insider, Linette Lopez writes Elizabeth Warren quietly racked up a win on bank living wills.  

Monetary Reform

From, Nathan Lewis says gold-based money is simple, yet many experts are confused.

At, Mark Hendrickson writes Steve Forbes annihilates myths about money with his new book ‘Money.’

At The Hill, Desmond Lachman predicts what will happen in Europe after the Fed stops printing.

The Birch Gold Group interviews Steve Forbes on the Federal Reserve, the dollar, and gold.

From Heritage, Norbert Michel details the pseudo science of inflation. explains why, for many, the price of homes is too damn high.

At Reason, Nick Gillespie presents George Gilder on bitcoin as “the perfect libertarian solution to the money enigma.” 

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