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Wednesday Update: Virginia House of Delegates passes a Gold Commission by 65-32 margin.

Politics and Government

In The Weekly Standard, Judy Shelton says the Commonwealth pursues a bold proposal for sound money.

The NY Sun writes on Virginia in the Vanguard

At The Washington Post, Ylan Mui details the Virginia coin moving closer to reality.

In, Ralph Benko praises the Virginia House of Delegates in anticipation of  establishment of a joint subcommittee to study the feasibility of a US monetary unit based on a metallic standard.

Monetary Reform

On Free Banking, Kurt Schuler writes the hobbyhorse rides again.

At Calafia Beach Pundit, Scott Grannis says developments in China explain the end of gold’s rise.

Detlev Schlichter debunks the fallacy of the need for a state money producer.

On TGSN, Ralph Benko describes how the 11 inch “footlong” sub torpedoed.

In The Express Tribune, Humayon Dar explains some of the benefits to using gold as currency in Pakistan.

At Forbes, Nathan Lewis says transitioning to the gold standard is much easier than you think.


On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell reflects on the lessons we should learn from the 100th year anniversary of the income tax.

In Newsmax, Greg McDonald reports on Art Laffer’s reaction to the contraction of the U.S. economy.


At Truth in Pensions, Rich Danker writes the GOP has adopted a resolution for tighter pension standards.

At The Daily Journal, Peter Jackson reports on a proposed PA pension reform plan.

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