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Weekend edition: Fingelton on Mundell; Benko on the GOP and gold; Woodhill on England’s Conservatives.

From Forbes, Eamonn Fingleton reports on a Robert Mundell speech on the future of the world currency arrangements.

In Forbes, Ralph Benko urges Republicans to promote monetary reform to help the working class.

At Forbes, Louis Woodhill lashes British conservatives for focusing on tax fairness rather than growth.

On Fox Business, John Tamny argues small investors shouldn’t be included in IPOs:

In The Weekly Standard, James Pethokoukis advocates breaking up large banks.

At New World Economics, Nathan Lewis analyzes the gold exchange standard.

The NY Sun advises Mitt Romney to co-opt US Rep. Ron Paul’s monetary views.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore handicaps Ted Cruz’s chances in the Texas Senate primary.

From Real Time with Bill Maher, Art Laffer debates Paul Krugman (at 16:30):

At COAL, Krugman critiques Laffer’s past predictions.

In The NY Sun, Ira Stoll reviews a book on United Fruit Company.

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