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Weekend edition: Lewis on tax reform; Bell warns Republicans not to neglect monetary reform; Moore on the GOP jobs plan.

From Forbes, Nathan Lewis examines the pros and cons of the fair and flat taxes, and comes down positively on Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan.

On Forbes, Reuven Brenner explains how companies succeed.

In The Weekly Standard, Jeff Bell counsels Republicans to include monetary reform in their economic message.

At The WSJ, Stephen Moore analyzes the GOP jobs plan:


The NY Sun notes the GOP jobs plan doesn’t mention monetary reform.

In The WSJ, Peter Robinson points out that despite a sharp drop in illegal immigration, GOP primary voters remain obsessed with the topic.

From last week, The WSJ reports on Senate votes in favor of the China tariff bill, most disappointingly, Sen. Rob Portman (OH).

In The NYT, Dan Mitchell argues for the flat tax.

On TGSN, Ralph Benko notes support for the gold standard among the Occupy Wall Street protestors.

In The Washington Post, Grover Norquist suggests his taxpayer protection pledge promotes tax reform.

On The Kudlow Report, James Pethokoukis discusses Herman Cain’s rise:


In The Washington Post, Mitt Romney reiterates his tough-on-China approach.

At Fiscal Times, Bruce Bartlett argues Mitt Romney can’t beat President Obama.

On COAL, Paul Krugman dismisses Cain’s tax plan and disses Art Laffer’s analysis.

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