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Weekend edition: Metzler on Keynesianism; Lewis and Forbes on Perry; Mitchell’s coins his golden rule.

From The WSJ, Allan Metzler dissects the Keynesian model’s flaws.

Cato Journal features several good articles on monetary policy, including from David Malpass, Steve Hanke, and Gerald P. O’Driscoll. This one on flexible exchange rates is interesting.

At Forbes, Nathan Lewis applauds Rick Perry’s flat tax plan and wonders if he’ll adopt a strong dollar next.

In South Carolina’s The State, Steve Forbes predicts Perry will win the GOP nomination.

On Fox News, Perry provides a generally strong explanation of his economic plan:

At The WSJ, Steven Landsburg argues the death tax hurts the poor.

On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell coins Mitchell’s Golden Rule, “The private sector should grow faster than the government.”

From Forbes, Peter Ferrara contrasts the Republican jobs plan with the President’s.

At Fox News, Herman Cain cites Jude Wanniski and Art Laffer among his tax plan’s influences.

On The Kudlow Report, Herman Cain advisor Rich Lowrie discusses the 9-9-9 plan:


At The American, Stephen Moore remembers economist William Niskanen.

The WSJ notes the immigration crackdown has led to labor shortages.

The NY Sun advocates pro-immigration policies.

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