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Weekend edition: Reynolds on the 1990 budget deal; Benko on the historical moment and democracy; Forbes on Perry.

From IBD, Alan Reynolds argues the 1990 budget deal model is no ideal to be repeated.

At Townhall, Ralph Benko offers a provocative analysis of America’s historical moment.

On Beijing Foreign Studies University, Robert Mundell discusses the financial crisis and China.

At CNBC, Steve Forbes debates the presidential race:

The Financial Post (Canada) reruns part of the Mundell-Friedman monetary duel.

Business Week reports many Americans won’t do the jobs done by immigrants.

The Tennessean notes local reform efforts to keep high-skilled immigrants.

On The Kudlow Report, David Malpass discusses Italy and Greece:

At COAL, Paul Krugman argues supply-side solutions will not fix the current economic mess.

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