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Weekend Round Up: Congressman Kevin Brady on growth gap; Marc Miles says 0 interest rate policies are a war on jobs; Steve Hanke discusses The Federal Reserve vs. Small Business

Politics and Government
On National Review, Larry Kudlow discusses the recent scandals, jobs reports, and the economy.

Monetary Reform
In The Houston Chronicle, Congressman Kevin Brady explains how the U.S. can fix the growth gap and create prosperity.
At The Cato Institute, Steve Hanke describes how The Federal Reserve vs. Small Business
Gulf News reports economist Robert Mundell calls for a new global currency.
From, Marc Miles states the Fed’s zero interest rate policies amount to a war on jobs.
Detlev Schlichter asks if central bankers are losing control.

In The Washington Examiner, Conn Carroll reports on a Fed study showing taxes, not spending cuts, have 
slowed the recovery.  
From The Desert Sun, Morris Beschloss argues the IRS scandal has given the flat tax a boost.
On The Kudlow Report, Larry Kudlow discusses what the IRS knew.

At, John Tamny believes online education will be the next bubble to pop, not traditional university learning.

On The Global Times, Ralph Benko says China’s expanding sphere inevitable for waxing power. 

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