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Politics and Government

At, Kyle Smith shows how desperate Climate Change Malthusians are growing as their thesis obviously crumbles.

From National Review, Larry Kudlow writes blame socialism, not Shinseki.

At National Review, Stephen Moore warns our rivals struck a deal on energy as the U.S. dithers.

Monetary Reform

In, Nathan Lewis argues that gold money is the answer to “nonphysical currency” ambitions.

From TGSN, Kathleen Packard analyzes Hungary’s changing monetary policy.

The Middle Class Squeeze

USDA warns of sticker shock on U.S. beef as grilling season starts.

Reuters reports U.S. faces higher food prices in 2014.


In Investors Business Daily, Stephen Moore says bank bailouts and stimulus didn’t save us from the second great depression.

At ATR, Patrick Gleason reveals that Democrat states hike spending at quadruple the rate of GOP states.