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Weekend Round Up: The New York Post writes on Boehner’s ‘stealth win’; Amity Shlaes says the 50’s weren’t all that taxing

Politics and Government
Ted Cruz leaves monetary reform out of his first at bat in the Washington Post.
Monetary Reform
At Forbes, Nathan Lewis argues the 1870-1914 Gold Standard was the most perfect one ever created. 
The WSJ reveals more dissent within The Fed regarding the open-ended bond buying practice than previously believed. 
The New York Post writes on Boehner’s ‘stealth win’. 
In The Daily Caller, Larry Kudlow gives one cheer for the fiscal cliff deal.
From The WSJ, Laura Saunders calculates how much your taxes will jump. 
At Sun Herald, Amity Shlaes says sorry, but the 50’s weren’t all that taxing. 
In The OC Register, John Tamny writes economic growth is easy; lower barriers to production would lead to more consumption. 
From Santa Fe New Mexican, Barry Massey reports that Governor Susana Martinez has proposed lowering New Mexico’s corporate income tax rate. 
On The Kudlow Report, Larry Kudlow says cut spending or face a government shutdown.

From Sauk Valley, Sara Burnett reports on progress in the Illinois pension reform negotiations. 

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