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Weekend update: Lewis on the gold standard; Kudlow on dollar weakness; Mueller on the inconvertible dollar.

From Forbes, Nathan Lewis explains the principles that make the gold standard work.

At NRO, Larry Kudlow argues the dollar has been falling due to the Fed, not due to the government shutdown.

TGSN features a John D. Mueller speech in which he argues the dollar standard leads to monetary-related recessions, elevates the budget deficit, and enables permanent trade deficits:

At RCM, Louis Woodhill critiques Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan for providing lower growth than is required to recover from the recession.

From The Hoover Institution, Charles Wolf, Jr. explains why yuan revaluation is a bad idea.

The NYT profiles deficit hawk Peter Peterson, noting his early opposition to Reaganomics and his financing of bipartisan deficit advocacy:

Its most effective use of its founder’s fortune may be the millions of dollars in grants it has given over the years to think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and the Center for American Progress, run by John Podesta, Mr. Clinton’s former chief of staff. “Everyone I know in the ‘budget community’ is trying to get Peterson money,” said Stan Collender, a longtime budget expert at the consulting firm Qorvis Communications.

At The Daily Beast, Reagan budget director (and former Peter Peterson associate) David Stockman advocates shutting down the government.

On NRO, Mona Charen reviews Richard Brookhiser’s new documentary on Alexander Hamilton.

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