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Politics and Government

On Fox Business, Lewis Lehrman describes how Fed policies are financing the White House.

Matt Taibbi, in Rolling Stone provides the definitive liberal counter-narrative for the municipal pension fund predicament

In, Carl Schramm writes Americans have not forgotten how to innovate, it is in our DNA.

Monetary Reform

From Quartz, Manuel Hinds warns that former IMF economist Raghuram Rajan has sounded another alarm.

At FT, James Mackintosh says central banks put investors on the horns of a trilemma.

On, Nathan Lewis states The Fed is now badly hooked on quantitative easing.

In TGSN, Ralph Benko debunks monetary alchemy, says baseless paper money cannot retain value like gold; Kathleen Packard writes the Bossa Nova is to blame for falling BRICS.


National Review Online gives Senator Lee’s tax reform plan two cheers.

On, John Tamny explains the problem with capital expensing.