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Why Capitalism Is a Blessing to Mankind

The Daily Signal, the flagship publication of the Heritage Foundation, features an excerpt from Supply-Side Blog editor-in-chief Ralph Benko and William R. Collier’s The Capitalist Manifesto.  Excerpt:

Why Capitalism Is a Blessing to Mankind

Big business today is often in cahoots with big government. Together they preserve the facade while hollowing out the substance of true capitalism. Thus they enhance their privileges at our expense, traducing the soul of capitalism.

Thus do some capitalists seek to appropriate and devalue the capitalist brand. Fat cats are discrediting a fine philosophy.

They betray its essence to justify what are essentially feudalistic practices, economic success based on status rather than merit. By misappropriating and misrepresenting the capitalist brand they persuade a naïve public to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

True capitalism is an imperfect but, in practice, unrivaled mechanism to generate equitable prosperity. To reiterate the words of its original philosopher and prophet, Adam Smith, true capitalism will produce “universal opulence which extends itself to the lowest ranks of the people.”

This excerpt was taken with permission from Ralph Benko and William R. Collier Jr.’s book, “The Capitalist Manifesto: The End of Class Warfare, Toward Universal Affluence.”

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