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Why the Tea Party is Still Needed

TeaPartyByFreedomFanBy Stephen Moore

From the Washington Times:

Alas, we may need the Tea Party to take to the streets again. Republicans are set to negotiate a budget deal with the White House that could bust through budget caps and spend an extra $75 billion, which will reverse hard earned progress. Rep. Tom Price, the House Budget Committee chairman and a consistent fiscal superstar for taxpayers, is fighting to keep the spending tides from crashing over the budget act ceilings, but he’s outnumbered even inside his own party. In Washington, the urge to play Santa Claus is still truly bipartisan.

But let’s hope the history books get the Tea Party chapter right. These weren’t a bunch of angry white males organized by the Koch brothers to protect industry. This was and still is a save America crusade as impactful as the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and the anti-tax activism of the 1970s. They arrived just in time and America still needs them.

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