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You Actually Want Illinois?

With each passing day, America continues to divide into two nations that are culturally, politically, religiously and socially separated as never before since the Civil War. This isn’t a good thing, but a bad thing for our country, but it is a fact. Conservatives are stampeding into red states, and blue states are melting down – becoming more radical in their statist and redistributionist mentality.

So we were struck by a provocative tweet that has gone viral in recent days by long-time Democratic political operative, Lanny Davis. He warns citizens of red states that red state residents that blue states may “form our own country.” This was probably all tongue in cheek, but we doubt that many red staters would be the least bit troubled by his idea of a peaceful departure. Wayward brothers, go your own way!

What was almost comical was Lanny’s threat to take Illinois and northeastern states like New York and New Jersey into this new socialist paradise. These are America’s dead zones – the economic has beens. They all have high unemployment, high death rates, high crime rates, high taxes, and high levels of outmigration. This is like picking East Germany over West Germany circa 1960.

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