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Monetary Reform

Forbes Media sold to international syndicate, Steve Forbes to remain Chairman and Editor-in-Chief

In the NYT, Paul Krugman dismisses recent attack as “funny and scary.

From National Review, Amity Shlaes writes things are more expensive than government statistics say they should be.

The NY Sun asks ‘what if Janet Yellen is wrong?’

The NY Sun says the Fed is in danger, under increasing scrutiny from Congress.

At, Nathan Lewis states the devaluations of the 1930’s don’t justify today’s funny-money experiments.

Digital Journal reports bankcoin will be the first crypto currency to be backed by gold.  

From TGSN, Ralph Benko recaps Liberty Street Economics article linking the French Assignat to virtual currencies.

The Middle Class Squeeze

A gallup study shows that rising prices affect how American’s are spending their money this summer as their discretionary spending budget shrinks.  

Rising energy prices spike in July, inflation still seen as mild by the CPI.