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Politics and Government

The Heartland Instute recaps Stephen Moore’s recent discussion on the economies of Red States vs Blue States.

At, Ralph Benko asks if Speaker Boehner’s lawsuit could checkmate a renegade President.

Monetary Reform

In the NYT, Kwasi Kwarteng believes the gold standard could emerge from China. 

In The WSJ, John Taylor responds to Alan Blinder, defends the need for a rules-based monetary policy.

At, Nathan Lewis detailswhy the Bretton Woods agreement collapsed.

In The WSJ, Sheila Bair reportson the Federal Reserve’s risky reverse repurchase scheme.

At Fortune Magazine, Stephen Gandel reportsbig banks made $650 million off QE.

From EconoMonitor, Yves Smith saysthe Fed is ignoring the fact that it is on political thin ice.

The Middle Class Squeeze

The Economic Policy Journal releases a report on beer price inflation.

Aluminum prices increase as producers struggle to keep up with demand for raw materials.

Drew Trachtenberg takes a look at the rising prices of food in the context of historic trends.