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Politics and Government

From Forbes, Ralph Benko describes how President Obama lost his shirt to John Boehner.

In National Review, Larry Kudlow writes on Obama’s declaration of collectivism.

Monetary Reform

The Washington Post’s Tom Jackman reports on legislation sponsored by Del. Bob Marshall in the Virginia House of Delegates  “establishing a joint subcommittee to study the feasibility of a United States money unit based on a metallic standard, in keeping with constitutional precepts and our nation’s founding principles,” with letters of support from Lewis E. Lehrman, Judy Shelton, George Melloan, James Grant, Larry White and Ralph Benko.

On TGSN, Kathleem Packard explains how rules and standards are needed for central bankers.


In The WSJ, Justin Lahart says when economists agree, start worrying.

On Fox Business, The National Retail Federation sees slower sales growth in 2013.


At The Courier Journal, Mike Wynn reports Kentucky lawmakers seek progress on fixing state pension system.

On CBS, Illinois is dinged by bond-rating agency over pension debt.