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Government and Politics

In, Ralph Benko says that Government now is Politics

Monetary Reform

In Real Clear Markets, Larry Kudlow describes how President Obama buried Larry Summers.

On Investors Business Daily, Todd Buchholz and James Carter say to lock in for a century today’s borrowing rates.

John Mueller at debate organized by the Catholic Finance Association

From, John Tamny finds humor in the idea that Larry Summers is in demand for his economic and market insights. 

At Bloomberg, Ezra Klein sums up the Fed race as six of Janet Yellen or a half-dozen Larry Summers.

In TGSN, Kathleen Packard writes on easing off easing and Japan’s Arrows.


In Forbes, Nathan Lewis states Detroit could be better of for its bankruptcy.

Regulatory Reform

Fox News details Republican lawmakers push for regulatory reform

On, Capitol Flows believes banks need to be freed from Dodd-Frank suffocation.