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KevinbradyPolitics and Government

At, John Tamny writes unable to fire George W. Bush, Canada voted out Stephen Harper.

In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore says President Obama’s economic policies hurt women.

From, Ralph Benko explains why Congressman Brady would make an excellent Chairman for the Ways and Means committee.

At Cato, Steve Hanke gives some pictures for the Pope and progressives.


In the WSJ, James Grant says the Fed has an all too visible hand.

The NY Sun accuses Roger Lowenstein’s new book “America’s Bank” of whitewashing the Fed.

At, Ralph Benko says Donald Trump’s trash talk about the Fed reveals he is not a supply-sider.

In the WSJ, Lingling Wei reports China’s central bank has cut rates further.

At MarketWatch, Greg Robb says the market expects the GDP data to show a slowdown.