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Politics and Government

The Washington Post Wonkblog features “The big debate about whether we’re getting more productive,” Bob Samuelson at the WaPo looks at the mystery of worldwide productivity bust, is slightly mystified.

In The WSJ, John Tamny explains why the attacks on CEO pay is misguided, compares top CEO’s to professional athletes. 

Monetary Reform

At Townhall, Jeff Bell reviews  George Gilder’s new monograph on the 21st century case for the gold standard based on Shannon information theory

In USA Today, Paul Davidson asks if the Fed can raise rates, details the new tools the Fed will have to use.

“Nobody’s ever done this before,” says Jon Faust, director of the Center for Financial Economics for Johns Hopkins University and special adviser to the Fed’s board of governors until last September.

The New York Sun strikingly calls out the hubris of the Fed.

From, Ralph Benko says Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are pushing for trillions of dollars in equitable economic growth as original Senate cosponsors of Rep. Kevin Brady’s Centennial Monetary Commission.  


In The Daily Signal, Natalie Johnson writes Arthur Laffer is promoting tax cuts to create the boom of all centuries, covers the Heritage Foundation’s Tax Summit.


In The Washington Times, Stephen Moore discusses how federal spending is holding back the private-sector economy.