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Supply Side News: Larry Kudlow says Jeb Bush is right about the surge in part-time work; Stephen Moore writes Hilary Clinton faces a dilemma with her “new” economic agenda

Politics and Government

From Investors Business Daily, Larry Kudlow writes Jeb Bush is right about the surge in part-time work.

In the NY Sun, Stephen Moore writes Hilary Clinton faces a dilemma with her “new” economic agenda.

In the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Steve Forbes gives his takeaway from FreedomFest; shrink the government, grow opportunity.

At Reason, Robby Soave covers Stephen Moore and Paul Krugman’s FreedomFest debate.

Moore claimed that “red states,”which have adopted more free-market policies, are performing better, economically speaking, than “blue states.” Krugman disputed this characterization, claiming that land use policies and climate were more important factors, to which Moore replied, “You tell me people moving from San Diego to Houston are doing it because of the weather?”

PJ Media discusses Stephen Moore and Paul Krugman’s “Economic Fight Club.

Bob Samuelson at the WaPo looks at the mystery of worldwide productivity bust, is slightly mystified.

Monetary Policy

Ralph Benko at describes how High Tech Guru George Gilder Demolishes A Critical Myth About The Gold Standard; Also from, Ralph Benko writes bad money is bad politics.

Bob Kuttner at the HuffPost describes Steve Forbes’s turn as witness for the prosecution of the Fed at FreedomFest: “Steve Forbes, as a witness for the prosecution, insists that every financial crisis has either been precipitated by the Fed or worsened by the Fed.”

Richard Rahn features George Gilder’s Monograph in his Washington Times column, references Steve Forbes’s appearance at FreedomFest.

At Newsmax, John Berlau writes a stable dollar is needed to fix the economy.


In the Washington Times, Ed Feulner examines Reagan’s tax cut legacy.


In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore writes tottering European economies have proven the Keynesian model is a failure.

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