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Monetary Reform

The New Republic asks, Will Larry Summers push Janet Yellen out of succession to the chairmanship of the Fed?
Steve Forbes believes The Fed may stop poisoning the economy.

From, John Tamny says The Fed exploits the systemic risk myth to suffocate insurers.

At Ralph Benko takes Paul Krugman for tasks for unscholarly and ungentlemanly conduct.

In the New York Times, Bruce Bartlett concludes an thoughtful three part critique of “inflationphobia”

In TGSN, Ralph Benko details Michelangelo’s comparison of bandits to false coiners.

On Huffington Post, Zach Carter and Ryan Grim speculate on who will take over The Fed.


From ATR, Katie McAuliffe says businesses will close due to the Marketplace Fairness Act.

Larry Kudlow discusses Obamanomics deja vu


On Newsmax, Stephen Moore explains how young people are getting shafted by Obamacare.