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Weekend Wrap Up: Lewis Lehrman discusses his new book “Money, Gold, and History” at Cato, Steve Forbes talks gold on Kitco news.

Monetary Reform
Lewis Lehrman discusses his new book “Money, Gold, and History”, and the gold standard, at the Cato Institute

On, Ralph Benko writes Bernanke’s Fed needs help that Kevin Brady’s monetary commission plans to provide.

In The Atlantic, Matthew O’Brien explains how Sharknado describes the Federal Reserve.

From CNN, Bernanke warns Congress is a risk to the economy.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko states the downward movement in the gold price brings to mind the old miner’s ballad, oh my darling clementine.

Steve Forbes talks gold on Kitco News
Senator Rand Paul says a commission is needed to reconsider the gold standard
In National Review, Larry Kudlow presents a Kemp growth plan for Detroit.

At The WSJ, Stephen Moore praises the tar heel tax cut.

ATR details how the Marketplace Fairness Act will encourage predatory audits. Also on ATR, The Marketplace Fairness Act is criticized for turning businesses into uncompensated tax collectors.

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