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Politics and Government

In the Washington Post, Hunter Schwarz writesif Britain were a U.S. state, it would be the second poorest.

From, Ralph Benko detailshow the Delaney Act will bring a trillion dollars, and policy sanity, back to America.

In The Star Ledger, Matt Friedman writesJeff Bell, running for Senate in NJ, “does not appear to be running a campaign, but using his campaign to flog his pet issue.”

At Town Hall, Dan Mitchell weighs in on the lower tax rates v.s. targeted tax credits fight.

Monetary Reform

In the NYT, Jared Bernstein callsfor dethroning ‘King Dollar.’

From, Ralph Benko asksJanet Yellen to mend the Fed

At Cato, Steve Hanke coversEurope’s poor economic performance this summer.  

From, Norbert Michel asks if the Federal Reserve is running on empty.

At Project Syndicate, Brad DeLong calls our economic state “The Lesser Depression”

At Uneasy Money, David Glasner wondersif Milton Friedman could tell the difference between real and pseudo gold standards.

The Big Squeeze