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Politics and Government

At, John Tamny encourages the GOP to celebrate the federal government shutdown

At The Washington Examiner, Mark Tapscott writes it isn’t 1995 anymore in Shutdown City.

On Quartz, Noah Smith details the 10 surprising economic trends that rule the world.

Diane Francis asks should the USA Buy Canada for $17T?

Monetary Reform
In, Ralph Benko explains that gold standard proponents are champions of the workers, not the rich.

From The WSJ, Edward Lazear writes The Fed’s 6.5% unemployment target isn’t the only concern. The employment rate matters too, and it’s still looking anemic.

On TGSN, Kathleen Packard says a superheroine is needed for The Fed.

Hugo Salinas-Price, at Plata, predicts that things surely will Break Bad. “The world will plunge into the darkness of massive world inflation. There is no other alternative. It must take place, but what will happen then is obscure. We are going into uncharted waters.”


In Fox Business, Steve Forbes breaks down the cost of a government shutdown and Obamacare.