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Politics and Government

At, on the centenary of the event that started World War, Ralph Benko writesRon Paul and Rand Paul are defying the biggest fib enabling big government:  that World War continues.

Monetary Reform

The NY Post writes voters in NJ have a clear choice between Jeff Bell and Cory Booker.

All Bell has going for him is his conviction, which is that government is making it harder for working people to support their families. 

In short, he’s a free-market, traditional values, pro-immigration conservative who thinks its high time someone took this message to the people of New Jersey. 

So here’s the question: Despite all Booker’s advantages, why does the latest poll show his support at under 50 percent?

At MarketWatch, Philadelphia Fed President Charles Plosser callsfor raising interest rates next quarter.

In The WSJ, Jon Hilsenrath believesthe Fed may face tougher inflation questions in the days ahead.

In MarketWatch, Irwin Kellner saysinflation is rising, be careful what you wish for.

From TGSN, Ralph Benko discusseshow the Emperor Nero was duped into believing in an imaginary cave filled with gold, and how the gold standard will lead to authentic prosperity.

The Middle Class Squeeze

At Yahoo Finance, Lauren Lyster sayseveryday prices are rising- why isn’t the Fed concerned?


On CNBC, Grover Norquist compares U.S.  corporate tax policy to France.