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Politics and Government

Reuters reports the IMF cut the global growth forecast.

On NBC News, Larry Kudlow debates Barney Frank on the state of the economy.

The New Yorker publishesan extensive profile of Lawrence Lessig’s campaign for popular financing of Congressional elections.

Monetary Reform

From, Brian Domitrovic writes Greenspan lets his hair down, talks up gold. 

CFR’s Ben Steil calls the Brics bank “Chicken Feed:” “off to a poor start. … all the start-up funding for the Brics bank will be in greenbacks, creating new demand for dollar assets.”

At AEIdeas James Pethokoukis respondsto Ralph Benko’s negative assessment of his blog associating the gold standard with the Nazis and with a later blog attacking the gold standard and explains further why he believes that “the gold standard is fool’s gold for Republicans.”

At, Ralph Benko writes the fortunes of the GOP and America may hang on the outcome of the Ways and Means Chairmanship race, praises Congressman Kevin Brady for addressing the growth gap. 

Michael Pettis picks up on Austin, Bernstein and Benko’s critique of the reserve currency status of the dollar. reprisesRalph Benko’s “rise and Fall of King Dollar, Part 1” from

In the WSJ, Josh Dawsey and Ben Leubsdorf cover Jeff Bell’s campaign against Cory Booker and the Fed.

In the WSJ, Jon Hilsenrath writes the pressure to devalue builds on global currencies. 

From TGSN, Ralph Benko presents part 1 of his interview with Professor Larry White. 

At Marketwatch, Greg Robb says the split between the hawks and doves is getting more evident in Fed minutes.

The Middle Class Squeeze

In the Washington Post, Catherine Rampbell explainswhy you haven’t gotten a raise.

Congress to investigate rising drug prices.