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Politics and Government

From, John Tamny explains how robots will be the biggest job creators in world history.

ABC News reports. U.S. economic growth in Q4 revised down to 2.2 percent.

Monetary Reform

From, Ralph Benko gives his firsthand account of the conservative meeting with Fed Chair Yellen.

Janet Yellen and Gov. Brainard meet with 21 conservatives and libertarian representatives:

CNN reports Yellen meets with conservatives.

ABC News details Yellen’s meeting with conservatives.

Fox Business writes Yellen meets with conservatives to discuss Fed policy.

The WSJ reports Yellen talks with conservative activists. writes Yellen meets with groups unhappy with the Fed.

The Daily Signal discusses how the meeting went.

From the NY Sun, Larry Kudlow writes as Congress eyes the Fed, Greenspan is telling people gold is the only true money.

From TGSN, Ralph Benko gives part four of his interview with Lewis Lehrman.