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Politics and Government
On Fox Business, Art Laffer weighs in on the IMF raising the forecast for U.S. economic growth.

Monetary Reform
On Fox Business, Steve Forbes saysThe Fed is moving in the right direction.
From, Ralph Benko discusseshow both Keynes and Copernicus observed that the debasement of money overthrows social order and governments.
In Town Hall, Kevin Glass writesSequestration? Shutdown? Tapering? Economic growth surges.
The WSJ reportsDallas Fed President Richard Fisher argued for $20 billion taper increments.
On National Review, Larry Kudlow writesBernanke gets taper call right.
On CNBC, Former New York Fed Governor Frederick Mishkin says The Fed got it right this time.

From TSS, Ralph Benko channelsThe Heritage Guide’s information on the coinage clause in the Constitution.