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Friday News: Paul Krugman says there is a determined march toward the gold standard; John Phelen celebrates The Fed’s 100th birthday; Martin Crutsinger explains how The Fed’s influence has expanded; Brian Domitrovic says the government gave us lightbulbs we don’t want for Christmas

Politics and Government

On, Brian Domitrovic saysfor Christmas, the government gave us light bulbs we don’t want.

Slate slams The Wolf of Wall Street as “epic in size, claustrophobically narrow in scope”

Monetary Reform

From The NYT, misunderstanding or misrepresenting the gold standard as ativistic, Paul Krugman writes“What is really happening is a determined march to when coins were something you could jingle in your purse.”

In The WSJ, John Phelan reportsThe Fed is celebrating its 100th birthday.

On Dallas Morning News, Martin Crutsinger explainshow The Fed’s influence has expanded over 100 years.

On The Kudlow Report, panelists discusshow Fed policy has been destroying the markets.

In The LA Times, Jim Puzzanghera and Don Lee believeJanet Yellen will lead a fractious team.

On TGSN, Ralph Benko detailshow the McKinley Campaign’s campaign manager successfully responded to Williams Jennings Bryan’s anti-gold standard propaganda with an attack on the “53 cent dollar.”

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