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Politics and Government

The New York Times reportsthat Picketty got his math, and conclusions, all wrong.

NRO’s Patrick Brennan, also, challenges Picketty’s conclusions.

From the Canada Free Press, Alan Caruba addressesthe slow, sure death of climate change lies and 

Sierra Rayne reportsthat Scientific Data says there has been no  increase in occurrence or severity of global drought over the past 30 years.

Powerline demolishes the “Big Lie” of the 97% climate change consensus

From, Ralph Benko says Washington has run amok spending $1 billion on presidential helicopters.

Monetary Reform

At, Brian Domitrovic exoneratesthe gold standard from economic panics and busts.

At, John Tamny writesBernanke’s post-Fed statements send a scary economic message.

From, Norbert Michel featuresRand Paul’s heroic efforts to bring Audit the Fed to a Senate Vote.

At Newsmax, Peter Morici saysthe Fed should raise rates when inflation heats up.

From TGSN, Ralph Benko channelstwo Federal Reserve scholar’s insight on the first wall street crash.

The Middle Class Squeeze

NBC News reports inflation returnswith rising prices for food, gas, and housing.

The Motley Fool asksif rising coffee prices will slow momentum at Starbucks.