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Politics and Government

At, John Tamny praises Peter Thiel’s new book ‘Zero to One’, also on Forbes, John Tamny covers the closing of central banking’s economic mind. 

From, Ralph Benko details what Saul Alinksy could teach President Obama about ignoring Congress.

Monetary Reform

From, Nathan Lewis writes a rules-based monetary system means a fixed value system that has never been tried; Also on, Nathan Lewis introduces us to the hard money extremists.

At Best Thinking, Thomas Donegan explains the significance of instruments of measure in preserving value and discovering God.

From, Steve Forbes prescribes a cure to Japan’s economic woes.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko presents part 3 of his interview with John Mueller.

At CoinWeek, Richard Mills believes China’s long term geo-political strategy is golden.

Matt Phillips at Quartz provides an elegant history of the dollar.

At Swiss Info, Clare O’Dea writes financial eyes are watching Switzerland as the gold vote approaches. 

And now for something completely different

At Gazette Net, Samantha Schmieder covers a Samaritan’s yearly visit from the Holy Land to North Potomac.