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Weekend Wrap Up: Lewis Lehrman and John Mueller explain how the ‘Reserve’ dollar harms America

Politics and Government

At, John Tamny writes Walter Isaacson’s ‘The Innovators’ reveals the job-creating genius behind job destruction.

Monetary Reform

In the WSJ, Lewis Lehrman and John Mueller explain how the ‘Reserve’ dollar harms America.

Ending the dollar’s reserve-currency role will limit deficit financing, increase net national savings and release resources to U.S. companies and their employees in order to remain competitive with the rest of the world.

The NY Sun applauds American Principle’s In Action’s criticism of the “fair and balanced Fed.”

At Cato, Steve Hanke says in our era of currency wars, Russia should lift a page from Keynes’ playbook and establish a currency board.

Washington Post’s Wonkblog cluelessly equates the gold standard with rabbit’s feet and horoscopes.

CNBC reports Philly Fed predicting robust Q4 growth rates.

AP reports no surprises from Fed in latest minutes.

Middle Class Squeeze

CPI increases at largest pace in 5 months.

In the WSJ, Ed Silverman asks if the rising prices for generic drugs ever end.


At Affluent Investor, YC Chen reports the Hong Kong Monetary authority will abolish the 20,000 RMB daily exchange limit.

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