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Politics and Government

From, Ralph Benko says on November 4thvoters punished political fanatics.

Monetary Reform

At CNN Money, Patrick Gillespie says both Republicans and Democrats are blasting the Fed.

“We continue to hear reports that the economy is recovering, but millions of workers and their families are still struggling, whether from involuntarily part-time hours, poverty wages, or a lack of earned sick time”

On The Blaze, Jim Grant discusseshis new book “The Forgotten Depression,” warns of the potential impacts of our radical monetary policy.

The gold standard makes Huffington Post!

“America will return to sound economics: balanced budgets, the gold standard, dissolution of the Fed, indentured servants and debtors’ prison.”

In the WSJ, Michael Derby reports Fed President Charles Plosser believesthe Fed needs to raise rates soon or they will risk falling behind the curve.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko presentspart 2 of his interview with John Mueller.

Regulatory Reform

In, Norbert Michel calls for repealing Dodd-Frank, says financial regulations steadily increased leading up to ’08.