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Politics and Government

The Daily Reckoning features a portion of Ralph Benko’s essay “The Political Consequences of the Peace”

From The WSJ, David Malpass explains the bigger battle behind the shutdown.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore asks ‘Can Lonegan Win?

Monetary Reform

In Time, Rand Paul details why he plans to grill Yellen.

In, Jon Decker writes Jim Bruce’s ‘Money For Nothing’ reveals the scary doings of The Federal Reserve. 

From, Nathan Lewis weighs in on how the gold standard impacts the middle class.

At The Atlantic, Matt O’Brien says Janet Yellen will be the most powerful woman in history.

“I know that sounds a little hyperbolic,” O’Brien concedes, but “the Fed Chair is maybe the third-most important job in the world right now, and being powerful in a globalized world matters more than in a non-globalized one. Queens could only dream that their edicts moved the world economy as much as a dramatic FOMC announcement does today.” The Fed’s interest rates, which Yellen will set, don’t just affect America’s economy — they “set the course” for the world’s economy. He notes, “you can make a strong case that Europe’s slow march towards federalism — or financial ruin! — has made [German chancellor Angela Merkel] more significant. But Merkel only holds the economic fate of Europe in her hands. Yellen will hold the economic fate of, well, the whole world in hers.” Matt Yglesias, the economics writer at Slate, responds: “You’re really [daring] Merkel to invade Poland aren’t you.”

At TGSN, Kathleen Packard describes recent concerns over quantitative easing, America’s stalled economy.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko writes about how Constitutional law icon Joseph Story considered the gold standard the Constitutional standard for money


At Fox News, Steve Forbes discusses the ongoing budget negotiations.


In The Kudlow Report, Larry Kudlow covers Obamacare enrollment errors.