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Politics and Government

From Real Clear Markets, Rich Lowrie writes economic growth must be Washington’s Plan A. 
In Forbes, Brian Domitrovic believes Obama is making things easy for the next Reaganite.
On Huffington Post, The Tea Party Lamb lies down with the MoveOn Lion (and lives to tell the tale)
Monetary Reform
From The Weekly Standard, Judy Shelton discusses the depredations of The Fed in “Money in Bad Faith”. 
At Plata, Hugo Salinas Price says Ambrose Evans-Pritchard beat around the bush in his recent article “a new Gold Standard is being born”. 
At TGSN Ralph Benko features Prof. Antal Fekete’s CRITIQUE OF MAINSTREAM AUSTRIAN ECONOMICS, and his revival of Menger
From Zero Hedge, Keith Weiner presents the unadulterated gold standard part 4. 
In National Review, Larry Kudlow argues without deep spending cuts, the Republicans lose the House in 2014. 
From Fox Business Art Laffer weighs in on the debt ceiling debate. 

At The Herald-Tribune Lloyd Dunkelberger writes the Florida’s Supreme Court may have emboldened lawmakers to pursue changes in the state retirement system. 
On Pantagraph, Kurt Erickson describes how Illinois pension struggles could lead to cuts to state universities.