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Politics and Government

At CNBC, Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore write the President should stop making excuses for slow economic growth.

From, John Tamny debunks common arguments from the austrian school of economics.

At, Brian Domitrovic writes on the border, the GOP is outraged at the wrong thing.

Monetary Reform
From Heritage, Norbert Michel and Stephen Moore discuss quantitative easing, the Fed’s balance sheet, and central bank insolvency.

At CNBC, Alex Rosenberg believes the ‘secular stagnation’ theory is starting to scare the Fed.

In the NYT, James Stewart covers Fed tapering, concern that ‘there is no real precedent for ending anything of this magnitude.’

From MarketWatch, Rex Nutting details the $10.8 trillion failure of the Fed.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko presents part two of his interview with Dr. Norbert Michel.