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Monetary Reform

The House of Representatives passes Audit the Fed with a solid bipartisan majority.

From, John Tamny warns that Stanley Fischer’s hubris sets the stage for the next Fed-created crisis.

In The Washington Post, Charles Lane writes the Fed’s policies may have fed income inequality.

A NY Times piece shows (without making the connection) wage stagnation followed the end of the Fed’s Great Moderation.

At Town Hall, Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore look to restore King Dollar.

From National Interest, Robert Merry says the Fed is creating the next great recession.

In The WSJ, Michael Derby and Jon Hilsenrath write the Fed’s rate-hike tool is stirring concerns.


The Death Defying Peter Thiel Rides Again

The Big Squeeze

Rising hotel prices diminish the lure of fall travel.

Rising Zinc prices are hiking the cost of new coins.