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Politics and Government
In The New Yorker, John Cassidy says its official: austerity economics doesn’t work. 
In Real Clear Markets, Louis Woodhill writes under Obama, economic stagnation is the new normal. 
Monetary Reform
On CNBC, John Tamny argues The Fed is killing the economy

From Bloomberg, David Malpass criticizes The Fed’s asset buying

From Forbes, Brian Domitrovic discusses the ignorance surrounding supply-side economics.

In Forbes, Ralph Benko critiques Paul Ryan’s “false Sister Souljah” moment dissing gold at the Kemp Foundation dinner, praises Marco Rubio.
Detlev Schlicter writes what is wrong with the euro, and what is not. 
At Gold Seek, JS Kim says the gold standard would return the world to global economic prosperity.
Fred Klonsky discusses a recent report on pension cash balance rpograms.