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Politics and Government

From Politico, Howard Shatz writes to defeat ISIS, follow the money.

At, Stephen Moore says the fast food protests are a great plan to destroy teen jobs.

Monetary Reform

Ralph Benko at writes Steve Forbes and Steve Lonegan are out to Fix The Dollar.

From MarketWatch, Steve Lonegan says there is no free market as long as the Fed is destroying our money.

Dr. Larry Parks interviews FixTheDollar’s Steve Lonegan about the importance of high integrity money on his TV talk show.  

The NY Sun endorses William McKinley over William Jennings Bryan.

At Fortune, Chris Matthews shows America’s great growth slowdown.

In the Fiscal Times, Jason Russell reviews Steve Forbes new book “Money.”

In the WSJ, David Malpass believes the Fed is looking like a sovereign wealth fund.

From MarketWatch, Greg Robb covers the only two words that will matter at the Fed next week.

The Big Squeeze

Bloomberg warns rising milk costs signal higher prices for pizza.


At National Interest, Christopher Whalen analyzes whether Japan’s economy is heading towards collapse.