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Politics and Government

Rand Paul’s Speech at the Red, White, and Blue Gala

From Politico, Katie Glueck covers Rand Paul’s speech at the American Principles Project’s Red, White and Blue Gala

On, John Tamny writes Ann Coulter’s anti-immigration stance is wrecked by basic economics.

On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell gives a primer on the Laffer curve.

Monetary Reform

The NY Sun says the minimum-wage crisis is a sign that fiat money isn’t working.

In The Financial Times, Willem Buiter believes the Fed’s bad manners risk offending foreigners.

On, Jesse Colombo explains how central banks are propping up the emerging markets.

In The WSJ, Jon Hilsenrath reports Janet Yellen will have to explain “contradictory signs” on the economy next week.

On TGSN, Kathleen Packard writes Bernanke’s policies added $3 trillion to the money supply.