Mondays Highlights: Janet Yellen was sworn in as Fed chair; John Tamny says Bernanke departed a failure

Politics and Government

On The Kudlow Report, Larry Kudlow asksif the GOP can reform immigration. 

Hillary loyalist finds Ralph Benko’s analysis of how and why Hillary Rodham turned away from Populist Saul Alinsky and to central planning must reading.

Monetary Reform

Fox News reports Janet Yellen was sworn in as chair of the Federal Reserve.

On, John Tamny says Ben Bernanke reached the Fed under false pretenses, departed a failure.

From, Nathan Lewis writes Bitcoin ignites Ron Paul’s parallel currency revolution.

In The WSJ, Paul Vigna statesthe market’s one-offs are adding up.

In The WSJ, Francesco Guerrera believesthe emerging markets are playing an unsettling tune.

In Reuters, Carolyn Cohn discusseshow central banks in emerging markets are reacting to the economic slowdown.

On TGSN, Ralph Benko details Horace White’s gold standard speech to the Congress of Bankers and Financers.
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