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Politics and Government

On Fox News, Steve Forbes and John Tamny predict President Obama’s executive orders will damage the economy.

From Fox News, Dan Mitchell weighs in on the Target security breach.

On, Ralph Benko writes politicians are not as stupid as pundits say, there is no lack of intellectual curiosity on Capitol Hill.

Monetary Reform

In The WSJ, David Reilly states The Fed may be set to buy fewer bonds, but that doesn’t mean a smaller balance sheet.

On Forbes, Kitco News says The Fed will drive U.S. treasury yields in 2014.

On TGSN, Kathleen Packard gives the bad news on the Pampas.

Regulatory Reform

In Town Hall, Sarah Jean Seman reports the Obamacare vending machine mandate will cost millions.


From, John Tamny says Ben Affleck and the movie industry have finally admitted that the Laffer Curve is very real.