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Politics and Government

Jerry Bowyer interviews Peter Thiel at RCM

At, Ralph Benko says Lawrence Lessig has shown us that today’s political struggle has nothing to do with Democrats Vs. Republicans.

Monetary Reform

Steve Forbes at Forbes ties the price of oil to the value of the dollar.

Suppy Side Rising Star Steve Parkhurst gives a glowing review to Brian Domitrovic’s latest book in which he served as editor, The Pillars of Reaganomics.

At, Brian Domitrovic praises Greenspan’s praise for gold.

As Lewis E. Lehrman and John D. Mueller wrote in the Wall Street Journal the other day, “the world’s monetary authorities still hold nearly 900 million ounces of gold, which is enough to restore, at the appropriate parity, the classical gold standard.”

In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore reveals the price tag of Obamanomics.

How much has it all cost — the bailouts, the debt, the stimulus plans, the printing of cheap money, Obamacare and all the rest?

The answer to that question is just north of $10 trillion. That’s the sum of the $8.3 trillion added to the national debt since Sept. 15, 2008 (the day Lehman Brothers filed bankruptcy) for all the government spending, and the $3.5 trillion of easy money flushed into the economy by the Federal Reserve through the initial monetary expansion and three rounds of quantitative easing.

Mark Skousen at Townhall, on good money and referencing the Paul Krugman/Steve Moore debate at Freedomfest next year.

George Selgin at discusses Dizzy Miss Izzy’s Dizzynomics plan.

Regulatory Reform

At, Norbert Michel reports on his recent Senate testimony.

Peter Wallison at AEI calls for breaking up the Fed in the WSJ.

At, George Leef warns copyright laws are creating an information oligarchy, not an information democracy.