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Gary Cohn: Economic growth will help pay for tax cuts.

Policy and Government

From the Washington Times, Stephen Moore discusses the progress and perils of the Trump economy.

In The Hill, Larry Kudlow says the ‘Trump Factor’ is driving the stock market boom.

In the Washington Examiner, Stephen Moore praises President Trump’s ‘blockbuster’ jobs report.

At, Tim Worstall explains the fall in America’s trade deficit.

From FEE, Jeffrey Tucker believes gridlock is partially to blame for the stock market boom.

From Real Clear Markets, Ray Keating writes New York is a costly tax mess.


From Fox Business, Trump’s Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn says economic growth will help pay for tax cuts.

On Fox Business, Steve Forbes says President Trump needs to focus on tax cuts.


From, Tim Worstall explains why the Tory’s beliefs spell trouble for England’s economy.

In the WSJ, Joseph Sternberg warns Europe’s tax debate is going the wrong way.

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