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Sean Rushton: The era of currency volatility must end.

Policy and Government

From Business Insider, Pedro Nicolaci da Costa reports Americans increasingly need a second job to make ends meet.

From Investor’s Business Daily, Gary Shapiro writes Trump is already making America great again.

Americans have highest credit card debt in U.S. history.

In the Washington Times, Richard Rahn argues fear of uncertainty drives people to the misery of socialism.

From MarketWatch, Steve Goldstein explains why most of what we think about inequality is wrong.


From Investor’s Business Daily, Sean Rushton says the era of currency volatility must end.

From FT, Roger Blitz reports traders are looking at Jackson Hole for dollar direction.

Asian markets slip amid weakening dollar.


At the Tax Foundation, Scott Greenberg debunks a myth of tax rates on the rich.


In City-Journal, Aaron Renn slams universal basic income.


Steve Forbes praises Steve Moore’s plan to salvage the GOP’s health care efforts.


Venezuela inches closer to default.

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