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22 Governors Revolt Against Blue State Bailout Bill

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #234
1) 22 Governors Revolt Against Blue State Bailout Bill

Twenty-one Republican governors and one Democrat are protesting the “biased” formula for allocating stimulus dollars to the states. The governors, led by South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, complain that the bill “punishes” states that did the right thing by keeping their economies and businesses open during the pandemic. 

They are absolutely correct. The blue-state governors are being rewarded by Congress for shutting their economies because the main factor in determining how much money each state gets is not its population, but how high its unemployment rate has risen. 

The governors’ joint statement declares: “A state’s ability to keep businesses open and people employed should not be a penalizing factor when distributing funds. If Congress is going to provide aid to states, it should be on an equitable population basis.”


Kudos to Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly for having the fortitude to support the statement. At least there is one D who has a fiscal conscience. 

The allocation of the funds is shown below. 

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