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Where the Jobs Are – And Aren’t

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #233
1) Where the Jobs Are – And Aren’t

Can blue states do anything right? The chart below shows the latest job listings data. With few exceptions, the jobs are in the south and mountain states (green). The terrible four – California, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York are all in negative territory (pink). So much for the left’s rallying charge of turning America into California.

Congrats to governors Kristi Noem (SD) and Ron Desantis (FL) – the two governors speaking at our seminar on Friday in Palm Beach – for sterling performances.

2) NY Times Awakens to Devastation from Closed Schools

An excerpt:

Aquené Tyler, a mother and hair stylist in North Philadelphia, has been disappointed in her neighborhood’s public schools for many years. There were too few books and computers. Even before the pandemic, some schools were shuttered for asbestos removal.

Now, her 9-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter have been learning online for nearly a year, even as masked children gather boisterously at local private schools. Ms. Tyler’s children are lonely, and Mya, who is in eighth grade, seems depressed and overwhelmed by her class work. She has begun seeing a counselor remotely.

So Ms. Tyler is planning a radical change: moving her family to Florida, where the Republican-controlled state government has mandated that all districts provide in-person learning five days per week. A niece there is attending traditional public school in Sarasota, complete with sports, arts and music.

The travesty here is that the Times spent all summer distorting science to scare parents and teachers into closing schools. But let’s be honest – escaping from Philadelphia public schools would have been the best thing for Ms. Tyler’s children even if COVID had never happened. The corruption and failures of major urban school systems have never been more apparent. 

We applaud the choice of Florida as a destination. And we wonder why anyone EVER votes for candidates who put teacher unions over the well-being of their children. But we would caution Ms. Tyler to be careful not to vote for teachers union-owned politicians that will make her new state more like her old one.

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