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A Great Stocking Stuffer

To our loyal readers, friends and compatriots.
Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas.  We hope you are enjoying and benefitting from the Hotline.
I’d like to thank our amazing staff that stays up to the wee hours of the morning getting this in front of your computer screens every morning or afternoon. Even on Christmas Eve.
Political Editor:  John Fund
General Editor and COVID expert: Phil Kerpen
Contributor: Peter Roff
Managing Editor: Jonathan Decker
Distribution: Josh Rees
Economics Analyst: Erwin Antoni
Membership director: Alexandra Preate
Great team. Great job, guys and gals. 

Unleash Prosperity Hotline 
Issue #187
1) A Great Stocking Stuffer

If you’re not signing up your friends to get the Hotline, are you really their friends?  Get them the Hotline, the gift that just keeps giving.
2) House Dems Favor $2,000 Checks

Well, it looks like tonight Santa is going to be dumping a torrent of hundred dollar bills out of his sleigh tonight.
We don’t want to sound like Grinches on Christmas Eve.  But – yikes, this is getting ugly. When we said yesterday we were in favor of a Trump veto, we meant because the bill spends TOO MUCH MONEY.  Now Pelosi says she agrees with Trump and she too favors $2,000 checks – which would reach nearly $10,000 for some families.  Are Republicans going to be the party that gives us a backdoor Universal Basic Income, i.e. free money for every American – an idea laughed off the stage, literally, in the Democratic debates earlier this year. 
This helicopter money on top of the $300 a week bonus unemployment benefits, plus the bump up in food stamps, would substantially increase unemployment and reduce output.  It is an ANTI-stimulus.  Adam Smith is rolling over in his grave.
3) America The Wealth Creation Machine

Here’s something to celebrate even though this has been an awfully crappy year.  Even in the face of the worst pandemic in a half century, the stock market continued to soar in 2020.  The net worth of America Inc. rose by another $20 trillion or so.  The V-shaped recovery in wealth is alive and well.  By the way, the left thinks wealth is a bad thing.  Our view is it sure beats being poor. 
All bets, however, are off for 2021 when the dark ages arrive on January 20.

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