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Stephen Moore and Art Laffer rip the new stimulus bill

Policy and Government

At The Hill, Stephen Moore and Art Laffer rip the new stimulus bill.

At Ricochet, Phil Kerpen joins The Larry O’Connor Show to discuss Covid numbers and the new stimulus package.

At The Hill, Joe Concha argues that “Congress’s 5,593-page porky ‘relief’ bill is essence of the swamp.”

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Don Boudreaux celebrates some of the heroes who fought against “the media-fueled unhinged fear of Covid-19 and the resulting tolerance for arbitrary restrictions on human freedom” this year.


At the Cato Institute, Alex Nowrasteh urges Biden to “make immigration boring again.”

Free Trade

At the American Enterprise Institute, Ryan C. Berg argues that “2021 could be the year of free trade.”

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